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A Pizza Express worker has won a full refund from a plastic veneers firm he says repeatedly gave him “joke shop teeth”.

Sean Porter, 24, from Bootle successfully took Instasmile to court earlier this month, being awarded the £299 price of the clip-in teeth plus £50 in costs.

Sean brought the case to the ECHO to show people that when you buy a faulty product the law is on your side.

His nine-month journey to getting his money back began in July 2016, when he got a 3D scan at the Leigh-based firm so a specially made veneer mould could be manufactured.

Sean had a baby tooth he wanted to cover up, but when he received his veneers said they “didn’t even fit my mouth”.

He said: “They did not fit my mouth how they were supposed to, curling away from my gum line, exposing my natural teeth underneath.

“The clip-in veneers had a thick excess around the edges, which looked awful and really made it obvious that these were not natural teeth. “You can’t eat in them or talk in them, and they do not look natural at all. “It was like they had just taken the plastic veneers out of a mould and hadn’t even bothered to file it down or clean up the edges to a professional standard.”

He said that some people online had “compared them to joke shop teeth, and I can see what they mean”.

When Sean asked for a replacement, he was given a pair that felt very different to the original mould. After five wears, it appeared the heat of the mouth had remoulded the plastic.

A third pair was offered, but he was told by a customer service manager that the warranty was up and he was only receiving another pair as a goodwill gesture.

Sean said the package was wrapped tightly in foil and looked suspicious. When he opened it, he believed it was the first pair he originally received.

He said: “I thought it was disgusting how they thought they could do that,”

After numerous letters to Instasmile got him nowhere Sean took the matter to court where he was awarded a full refund.

Instasmile, part of the Denlab portfolio, has now refunded Sean the full amount.

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